1: A year of transformation

2: Our financial numbers

3: Product development

4: Embracing change

5: What the future holds

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We are CPP Group

We create compelling products to meet the needs of our business partners’ customers, distribution channels and strategic objectives.

We’ve delivered revenue, sustainable customer lifetime value and brand enhancing propositions to our partners for over 30 years.

We are here for millions of customers across 11 countries to prevent and protect them against the stresses of everyday life – from the protection of mobile phones, payment cards and household belongings to keeping travel plans moving and the monitoring of compromised personal data.

CPP Group

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A year of transformation

A look back at our growth story

2017 was a fantastic year at CPP Group. We delivered year-on-year revenue growth for the first time in 5 years and we transformed our business for future growth.


New websites built

We got busy rolling out our new look across all our countries websites

Cups of Yorkshire Tea drunk

Its the the glue that keeps any good business together

Languages spoken by our support centres

And boy, do they love to talk!

Business partners visited

We’re all about incredible stakeholder management


Renewal rate




Business partners


colleagues (including outsourced)

Our financial numbers

Our performance this year speaks volumes

Financial highlights

India and Turkey stole the show


Through new bespoke products and incredible business partner relationships, CPP India grew their revenue by 164%!


CPP Turkey has also shown good progress in the year again through developing strong and trusted business partner relationships and enhancing channel capability.

“We have partnered with CPP India for the last seven years to offer our customers enhanced security benefits on their cards. CPP's product augments the value proposition we bring to our customers. We have had a successful association with CPP and appreciate the support of the local leadership team. We look forward to growing the partnership in our endeavor to offer market leading, secure payments solutions to our customers.”

SBI Card

“Partnering with CPP India for the last three years has been a prolific journey. We have launched multiple products across customer segments, including FoneSafe and Asset Care. The partnership has grown significantly in that time and we expect our relationship to continue to be successful. We are impressed by the product innovation that CPP has brought in our cross-sell business, by seamlessly stitching together consumer preferences and business partner objectives within a governance framework.”

Bajaj Finance Ltd

“We have successfully implemented a multi-channel, multi-product strategy in our partnership with CPP Turkey, which has been going on for nearly 10 years. Behind this success, confidence and team work have been the key factors.

CPP is one of the most important parts of our Bancassurance Non-Life Insurance, with effective use of branch, direct sales and outbound telemarketing channels along with successful campaign management.”


Product development

The big trends that shape our creativity

Mobile first

Increased smartphone ownership will change the way consumers live, work, shop and play providing greater convenience, simplicity and knowledge. We will focus our proposition design and customer experience with a mobile first mentality to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer and business partner.

Mobile living

Consumers increasingly live life on the go, with convenience and control being a key priority. Our products and services look to add value to consumer lives by reducing stress and providing them with convenience to give them time to focus on those things that really matter in life.

Connectivity and cyber

Connectivity is the new normal and the pervasive nature of the internet has transformed how consumers live their lives with more products and services being accessed and serviced online. Whilst consumers want to continue with the benefits driven from this connectivity there is concern over the privacy and security implications associated with ever-growing connectivity.

Our products and services are something to be proud of

We listen to and learn from our business partners to develop a deep understanding of their needs and deliver bespoke innovative prevention, protection and assistance products.

We provide our business partners with end-to-end management of our services from white-labelled products with an excellent customer experience through to fulfilment, creating propositions tailored to their, and their customers, specific needs.

Our product categories of 'Power to Fix, Confidence to Connect and Freedom to Explore' help us to deliver products and services that fit business partner and consumer needs now and in the future.

Our business partners are central to everything we do at CPP.

We are increasing investment in our flexible product portfolio to ensure we continue to meet the evolving and bespoke needs of our business partners and their customers.

We provide innovation, digital expertise, flexibility and local knowledge powered by global strength to create and deliver sustained value for our business partner relationships.

Embracing change

This year we made some big changes and decisions

We changed our focus

We decided to focus back on our heartland of making our business partners happy and helping their customers live life free from day to day stresses.

Power to our people!

We now have 40 colleagues forming part of our Accelerant programme - all about developing change agents for our business to accelerate performance and drive growth.

New colleagues were welcomed across CPP Group

Shortlisted for the HR Impact Award at the Personnel Today awards in 2017

We worked together to co-create evolved Values based on what our colleagues told us:

What the future holds

It's fast approaching and we're ready for it

Thanks to our fantastic people, business partners, customers and innovation partners for making it an incredible year!

Now that's the serious stuff out of the way.
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