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Values & Culture

Our culture

At CPP our culture is critical to our success, we see culture and business working together. It’s the way we do things around here, the way we choose to treat people, how we make decisions and how we attract and keep hold of our talented people.

It’s our culture that leads to commercial success as we have brilliant people working together to do brilliant things. We create an environment and opportunities for all colleagues to be at their best, to bring out the best in others and keep our business moving forward. We support, develop and invest in growing our culture, we believe that growing our people, grows our business and our unique culture is everyone’s responsibility. This is why we encourage everyone to contribute so that our culture continues to evolve and adapt with our people and business strategy.

Development programmes

We invest in our people to ensure that they have the opportunity to tap into their potential and that they deeply understand our culture through our diverse and original development programmes.

Accelerant Programme

This is our differentiated talent programme that was launched in 2015 and has evolved year on year.  We launched the programme to develop and grow talented colleagues across the group, we call these colleagues Accelerants. The programme immerses Accelerants in our culture through the use of high performance practices enabling them to both grow personally and professionally whilst driving and role modelling cultural change and transformation.

Global Star

Global Star is our global recognition that recognises, rewards and celebrates our people who are shining examples of living our values to make a positive difference to our business and culture. It’s about recognising our people who are a real help to us in our working lives, just like the products and services we provide to help our customers with their needs. Global Star promotes a sense of one community at CPP by providing an opportunity for us all to celebrate our people on a global level.

Corporate Artworks

This ground breaking and progressive programme has been designed by a leadership development coach and an artist with a career spanning over 20 years. The programme takes colleagues on a unique and reflective journey towards being more innovative and creative at work. It promotes a deeper level of thinking and different ways of learning to support both professional and personal projects. In a digital age we believe that creativity and art is a powerful way of developing our people to meet the needs of an evolving business.

Our people


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