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Who we are

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CPP Group is a technology-driven assistance company.

We create embedded and ancillary assistance products and resolution services that make bad days better for millions of people across the world, at the time and place they are needed.

We operate across four core business units: India, CPP Turkey, Blink Parametric and Globiva.

We are listed on AIM, operated by the London Stock Exchange.

What we do

Technology has changed the way we work, travel, consume and communicate, and people’s lives are busier, more complex and lived at a faster pace than ever before. With this change comes a profound need to provide safe, easy to use technological solutions which protect and improve people’s daily lives and wellbeing.

We are a business which provides products and solutions which assist and protect consumer’s daily lives, be it online or real world.

Our solutions smooth out life across six product categories:

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How we do it

Our real-time digital and parametric assistance products are provided through partnerships with leading insurance, banking and finance companies as either embedded solutions or as relevant add-ons to enhance their core offering and deliver additional revenue streams.

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