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Who we are

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CPP Group makes millions of lives easier and better protected. We partner with large scale companies across the globe to understand their customers’ needs and meet them through a range of popular ancillary products and services which add value to their core business.

Specialising in the financial services and insurance sectors, we achieve long-term, sustainable growth through innovation, specialist digital capability and a culture that brings out the best in our people.

We operate across multiple international markets with offices including New Delhi, Shanghai, Mexico City, Madrid and Istanbul, as well as our central office in Leeds in the UK. We are listed on AIM, operated by the London Stock Exchange.

What we do

We create commercial value and consumer loyalty through our suite of ancillary products and services for individuals and SMEs.

These include cyber risk management, warranty and mobile phone insurance, payment card protection and a growing set of lifestyle assistance such as health and travel solutions

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How we do it

Insight, collaboration and innovation sit at the core of CPP Group. We are at the forefront of developing new parametric insurance techniques which push the industry into new territories. We continually source, integrate and manage an ecosystem of insurers, tech start-ups and other service providers to match our core capabilities and in-house expertise.

What sets us apart?

We are market based

Our in-country teams make us agile, responsive and ready to identify opportunities for our business partners based on local market and consumer insights.

We have global strength

Our corporate centre enables the utilisation of shared capabilities, product development, digital delivery and best practice & governance to boost performance at a local level.

Our colleagues

Our global business is built by talented and diverse colleagues in local markets and within our corporate centre who consistently collaborate to build synergies and share innovation.