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Gender Pay Report

Currently it will take over 200 years to get to gender equality.
We at CPP don’t want to wait for this, as it represents missed opportunities to tap into talent, innovation and creativity. CPP celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and we encourage and empower our people to be the best they can be regardless of their gender and background.

The Gender Pay Gap contributes to this inequality globally. Not only does it affect our lives, it also stunts economic growth and hinders development. To help close this gap, create equality and to grow our business commercially, we must provide opportunities for all our people to reach their full potential. As part of our cultural investment we’ve launched numerous development initiatives for our colleagues that offer something for everybody.

Our 2019 Gender Pay report focuses on the launch of our Learn More, Be More platform which provides an innovative portfolio of development options to appeal to everyone. Colleagues, for example, can learn how to enhance their life skills; they can collectively connect and learn about managing their career and development with an external coach; and they can explore our Women in Leadership area which provides support to our current and aspiring leaders so that they can overcome the barriers they feel they face in their journey towards leadership roles. These areas will adapt and evolve over time to meet the needs of our people and our business goals.

As we believe being equal is a fundamental human right, we encourage all of our people to be a part of our journey because gender inequality can’t be solved by women alone. Everyone has a part to play in building a better world.

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