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CPP Group at a glance

CPP Group is an AIM listed technology-driven assistance company that creates embedded and ancillary real-time assistance products and resolution services that reduce disruption to everyday life for millions of people across the world, at the time and place they are needed.


H1 revenue (+18%)


H1 EBITDA (+18%)


H1 reported pre-tax profit (+36%)





*2020 full-year results (figures in brackets represent period-on-period constant currency change).

2022: The year so far

Robust performance and continued simplification of the business and proposition

We started 2022 with a leaner organisational structure – focusing on four business units and an intention to move away from ‘insurance’ towards ‘real-time assistance’.

Despite the global economic environment, the Group’s core businesses (CPP India, CPP Turkey, Blink and Globiva) continued to perform well.

The Group are focused on a broader multi-year programme for change, with the aim to define what CPP’s purpose is, and to set a course for the Group that moves us closer to our vision of becoming a leading technology driven assistance business.

We are confident about the outlook and growth prospects for our core operations for the second half of the year.

Operational highlights:

Simplified structure focused on four business units:

  • Blink
  • CPP India
  • CPP Turkey
  • Legacy Business (UK & European back book).
Simplified the management and operational structures. Each business unit is managed by a dedicated CEO, enabling each business to react to changing business-partner and consumer needs more effectively.

Simplified the proposition away from “insurance” to providing a suite of technology-enabled “assistance” products across six categories: My Travel, My Tech, My Health, My Digital Life, My Home, and My Finances

Core business (CPP India, CPP Turkey and Blink) performing well.

  • Two major partner renewals for CPP India, and volume growth through our Tech, Health, and Home assistance products.
  • Blink now has a dedicated management and operational team place to build capacity and to drive growth. Post period, Blink has started to provide its services to four new partners.
  • Continued diversity of partnerships in our Turkish business drove revenue growth on a constant currency basis, with EBITDA margin impacted by local economic conditions.

Legacy Business (UK & European back book) revenues continue as expected.

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