Strategy - CPP Group
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Corporate strategy

Our strategy is to migrate away from our declining Legacy operations to a product-led global InsurTech business led by Blink Parametric, supported with our CPP India and CPP Turkey businesses.

Over a period of three years, the Group will focus on new product and partner development in India and Turkey, we will seek to build an InsurTech capability with Blink Parametric, whilst we withdraw from the declining Legacy businesses.

We are moving towards a simpler business, with all units contributing to growth and improving returns for shareholders.

  • Deliver new technology platform for our Indian business to better serve partner and customer needs and provide scale efficiencies over the medium-term
  • Grow our India business through widening distribution routes and a broader range of higher margin products
  • Grow our Blink Parametric business globally
  • Grow our Turkish business through product and market development opportunities
  • Withdraw from our Legacy businesses in a sensible and compliant manner.
  • Investment in our people
Desired outcomes
  • Simpler business to manage – clear focus on growth not legacy
  • Reduction of the cost of technology across the Group
  • Strong revenue growth with higher margins
  • Balanced growth for the business
  • A globally scalable business
  • Reduction in our regulatory burden
  • A differentiated suite of higher-margin tech based products