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Let’s work together

About me

Hi, I’m Jason and thanks for visiting my page.

It’s a privilege to lead a business like CPP Group – we’ve got great people who are all doing great things to serve our business partners and their customers.

We’re transforming our business model to focus all our support at the centre to enable our country operations to grow, thrive and succeed. All we do is geared towards this principle which in turn serves our single objective of excelling in business partner service.

Our strategy centres around building capability, developing talent and providing product and services to business partners across all markets and sectors, but with a particular focus on financial services, insurance, mobile and travel. We continue to stretch our global reach from Mexico in the west to China in the east and are busy filling in as many gaps as we can along the way!

If you would like to find out how we can work together, please contact me using the details above.