Blink Parametric announces a significant expansion of its partnership with AwayCare, a premier Managing General Agent (MGA) providing travel insurance products in Canada. Now entering the US market, the InsurTech has inked a major three year deal with AwayCare, who led the initiative to provide its Flight Delay service to US-based Travel Insured International (TII), a leading travel insurance provider. TII will make the AwayCare Flight Delay service, managed by Blink Parametric, available within select plans in the United States.

Announcing the partnership, Carl Carter, Chief Commercial Officer at Blink Parametric said: “This represents Blink Parametric’s first official launch of our flight disruption solution within the US market. To be making this step with our valued partner AwayCare speaks volumes to the strength of our collaboration over the past 12 months.”

Once a traveller registers their flight details, Blink Parametric monitors that flight in real-time. If a flight delay occurs in connection with a traveller’s registered flight, this service automatically results in the traveller being notified and covered benefits being offered within their plan’s terms.

Ryan Beaulieu, President, AwayCare commented that, “Our rollout of the Blink Parametric powered flight disruption solution was both timely and directly relevant to our travel insurance client base. The Blink Parametric flight disruption service has certainly earned its place with AwayCare.”

 This latest InsurTech innovation has been added to select plans in the TII portfolio, providing a flight disruption service and delivering real-time assistance to covered travellers.

“We continue to seek new and innovative ways to enhance our programs in service to our customers, and we strive to help travellers feel confident before, during, and after their trip,” said Isaac Cymrot, Vice President, Sales and Account Management Operations, Travel Insured International. “This new service – available within select plans – aligns with TII’s ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Blink Parametric partners with insurers and travel organisations throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and Central and Latin America. This partnership resulted from collaboration between AwayCare, Blink Parametric and Red Consulting, a travel insurance and medical assistance consulting company.