CPP Group Plc (CPP), has extended its product portfolio with major partners in Turkey through a strategic partnership model with Denizbank and AXA Sigorta; and by widening its technology delivery and service provider model with Anadolu Insurance Company (Anadolu).

Denizbank and AXA Sigorta, being one of Turkey’s largest private bank and insurance company respectively, will be leveraging the latest cyber security innovation product from CPP, Cyber Care. Anadolu, a leading insurance provider, will benefit from technology developed by CPP’s InsurTech arm, Blink, to deliver its parametric travel insurance service. The recent developments with these partnerships have been focused on using technology to improve the services available to Denizbank, and Anadolu’s customers.
Denizbank will now leverage Cyber Care to protect customers’ data with 24/7 monitoring and digital protection that screens for unauthorised sharing of customer data on the dark web. This will also mean that customers can benefit from access to emergency assistance at all hours and a resolution case worker if an incident is detected.

Burcu Özmaya, Head of Bank Assurance Department at Denizbank, said: “Due to increasing cyber-attacks in the world and Turkey, protecting the data of our customers is incredibly important to our business. The service which CPP provides will help us give peace of mind to our customers and ensure their data and personal details are protected.”

The extension of CPP’s partnership with Anadolu will mean that it will be able to offer its travel insurance customers data-driven delay monitoring in real-time, with automatic resolutions. If customers experience a delay or flight cancellation, they can receive instant remediation, such as a cash pay-out. Anadolu will be one of the first companies to provide a parametric insurance offering in Turkey.

Selnur Guzel, CEO at CPP Turkey, said: “We are excited to enhance these key partnerships with Denizbank & AXA Sigorta as well as Anadolu, using our digital capabilities to take the services they offer to customers to the next level. Current market conditions have led to a high demand for advanced technology solutions within the insurance market for both consumers and SMEs, and we believe that our pioneering technology will help our partners meet this demand.

“The extension of these partnerships is testament to the experience and knowledge that the team has when it comes to delivering cutting edge technology. Having this insight has allowed us to cultivate deep relationships with our partners to ensure they are always ahead of the curve.”

Jason Walsh, CEO at CPP Group, said: “With banking and insurance companies constantly seeking to improve their offerings, we are proud to be providing these ground-breaking services to the Turkish market.”